Wuxi Tech-star Technology Anniversary

Time flies, time flies, a year is just a moment in the history, it is so magnificent. One year, left us precious wealth; one year, left us heavy responsibility; one year, witnessed yesterday's wind and rain; one year, watch tomorrow's brilliant!

Attendance of opening ceremony guests

Wuxi Tech-star Technology Anniversary

On December 13, 2019, Wuxi Tech-star Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in the company's opening ceremony with brilliant flowers, colorful flags and balloons. At 11 a.m., the grand celebration was held in the hotel. Local leaders, all colleagues of science and technology group and nearly 300 other people from all walks of life participated in the ceremony, sharing the joy and splendor of the opening ceremony of Tech-star.

Wuxi Tech-star Technology Anniversary

At 11:10, the opening ceremony of Wuxi Tech-star Technology Co., Ltd. officially began. The opening Violin Concerto brings us a period of hearing enjoyment, and the passionate melody gives us a shocking hearing impact. After a wonderful visual and auditory enjoyment, the company's leadership delivered speeches respectively. In his speech, Mr. Yang Weidong, the general manager, talked about the current good situation and described the bright future. He expressed his gratitude to all partners for their strong support and the hard work of all employees. He firmly believed that Tech-star would be more brilliant in the future. His speech won applause from everyone.

Shareholders cut ribbon, general manager's speech, wonderful opening song, various wonderful artistic performances

A toast from the general manager

The theatrical performance of the celebration was very wonderful. All departments of the company made uniform and participated in the interactive program with guests and friends from all walks of life. The whole show was full of climax and wonderful. The glorious and resplendent simultaneous interpreting on the stage conveys a voice that is a blessing to the brilliant future of the master of science and technology.

Joint participation

Gather strength and be ready to go

The celebration is over, but the pace of tech-star people will not stop, and the spirit of striving will not stop! In the past year, we have paid hardships and sweat, but also gained growth; in the past year, we have many thoughts and feelings. Based on today, we are confident; looking forward to the future, we sing and laugh all the way. On the way forward in the future, we will make persistent efforts, continue to cut through the thorns and create more brilliance!

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