New Product Automatic sample processing system Help Covid-19 Test

New Product Automatic sample processing system Help Covid-19 Test

Wuxi Techstar founded in 2016, was launched a new Product again,"The real automatic sample processing system" .

Automatic sample processing system

Techstar often has amazing feats in the IVD industry. In the early stage, it launched the nucleic acid extraction instrument with independent patent, and in 2021, it launched a Covid-19 antigen detection kit. A few days ago, we launched a fully automated product incorporating safety and universities, which will undoubtedly help COVID-19 now.

It is understood that the full-automatic sample processing system is a continuous struggle of the Techstar team, which adopts a number of technologies to carry out repeated tests, and finally designs multiple functions such as opening the cover of the sample collecting tube, adding samples, and packing protease K. The system also designed a negative pressure device to ensure the safety of medical staff without pollution, with advanced image recognition technology, can achieve liquid level recognition, position recognition. Ensure that the sample is accurately sub packed and pipetted.

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